Nossa Bela Casa Is Charm of Most Luxurious House of Goa

This house was built 350 years ago ROOTS AND WINGS The somnolent village of Cuelim (Coo-el-im) in which this house resides was named by an enthusiastic Portuguese cleric who had baptized five landed gentry kshatriya (warrior class) families with his own surname – Cunha (Coon-ya) meaning ‘wedge’.

Today only two remain. Yet, we can trace back our ancestry to our Hindu fore bearers, who were named Joshi. Cuelim population is largely Roman Catholic kshatriyas as can be seen by the number of crosses and chapels that dot the area. This house was built 350 years ago centred around a small hidden courtyard with a shady tree. The walls were solid stone, except that the nether regions were crafted out of mud. It had its own chapel which you can see...

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Cuelim-cansaulim Village South Goa, India

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This beautiful house is perfectly located in the village of "Cuelim"

3 acres of land, Swimming pool, 20 acres of tranquil paddy fields and coconut groves.